People often ask us where we get our ideas from.  We find it much more difficult editing them down to the amount of costume a girl can make in one lifetime!  The truth is, we both have vicious internet habits. 

We also get lots of ideas from our customers.  One of our favourite commissions ever was "she wants to look like a cross between Lady Sybil from Pratchett and Romana from Classic Who".  We did a design that fit the bill!

Recently we have discovered Pinterest, and collated many of the images we have found on there.  Here are some links to our boards to inspire you.

KIngs Musketeers 1, Kings Musketeers 2,  Kings Musketeeers 3, Doublets, Medieval and Rennaissance, Empire - Tent ideas,  Empire Ideas, Empire-Wintermark, Empire - Brass Coast, Empire - The Marches,  Empire- Dawn,  Empire - The League

You can reference these images when ordering costume, and allow them to inspire your own creativity.  Challenge us!  We don't have to slavishly imitate a historical piece, and we will love it if you ask for the sleeves from this, the neck treatment from that, longer, shorter, add buttons here, a lace there, and can I have it in purple please?  


A quality Costume depends as much on quality fabrics as it does on the expertise of the maker.  These suppliers are not the cheapest, but in our opinion deliver good value for money in terms of quality, a decent range of colours and fabrics, and performance.  For quality fabric that performs well in your costume, these suppliers are a good starting point.

Henri Bertrand - Good range of silks including silk rayon velvet

James Hare Silks

Hertordshire Fabrics - lovely wools and linens German supplier of natural and synthetic fabrics in a great range of colours.

Croft Mill a small range of unusual quality fabrics

Hainsworths for the BEST wools.