The simple, elegant  Regency Costumes, with their Empire lines, the sharply tailored gent's Coats, the Bonnets, the Spencers and the Reticules...  What's not to love!

As well as  Grecian inspired Gowns, Pelisses and Spencers, we make all the accoutrements of a Regency Gentleman.  Impeccably tailored Regency coats, waistcoats, fall front breeches for evening, and pantaloons for day.  Not to mention shirts that Mr Darcy himself would not be ashamed to wear.

And of course we make period correct underpinnings, short stays for that distinctive Regency decolletage, simple lighter than air chemises, pin-tucked pantalettes bedecked with lace, and accessories, reticules and bonnets.