OOOH Mr Darcy!  

Imagine Colin Firth, emerging from the lake, his perfect linen shirt wet and clinging.  We make shirts like that!

Not frilly Made in India Pirate shirts in cheap cotton.   Generous, lush shirts made the way they have were in the 18th Century in 100% linen or cotton with mother of pearl buttons and period finishes.

We can do shirts for any period from Tudor to Victorian.  Our shirts are made to period patterns, and where appropriate use period construction methods.   Each one uses 3 yards of fabric!

Yes, they're a bit more expensive.  But this is what you get for your money.

Bronze finish shirt - A generous shirt with a long tail, machine felled seams throughout, machine finished to a high standard, gathered at collar, sleeve head and cuffs, with proper shoulder reinforcements.  Cotton £50.00, Linen £60.00. Lace trim, frilled front or Puritan collar an additional £10.

Silver finish shirt - As above, hand finished at neck and hem, £70.  Pleated to neck, sleeve head and cuffs an additional £10, Lace or fine linen or lawn frill  or Puritan collar £10 extra.

Gold finish shirt - No visible machine stitching, hand felled seams, period sewing techniques, hand finished throughout with optional lace or hand hemmed frill at neck - a truly superior shirt. £90

Platinum finish - as above, with no machine stitching anywhere - Price on application.

A set of  five hand-worked Dorset buttons to complement your shirt. £25.00 (four and a spare!)

Ask about a blackwork cuff or band.  Hand worked by us, price on application.